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The LTPL Seed Sharing Library is a free program that lends seeds and encourages borrowers to return some seeds from their harvests to make the seed library self-sustaining. All seeds borrowed and shared at LTPL are open-pollinated seeds, and many of them are considered heirloom varieties since they have been grown for generations.

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We hope to nurture a culture of community, sharing, and abundance by providing a place where people can connect to the traditions of sustainability and homegrown, healthy food. Beginning and experienced gardeners alike will benefit from this new forum for exchanging seeds and information.

We use the former card catalog to organize and store the seeds. Seeds will be labeled as Easy, Intermediate, or Advanced so people can choose according to their seed-saving expertise. LTPL will support the Seed Sharing Library by providing information though flyers, books, and DVDs.

We will offer programs pertaining to gardening, seed-saving, and food preservation throughout the year. Our website will provide documentation and links to online resources.

For statistical purposes, registration is required to use the Seed Sharing Library and patrons must write down what they take and bring in. The program is run on the honor system and if for some reason you are unable to return seeds to the library at the end of the season you will not be penalized.

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To borrow seeds from the Seed Sharing Library we ask that you fill out a registration form the first time you use it. From that point on, when you take seeds you simply write down your name, date, and what seeds you are taking on the clipboard. Take only as many as you can use in one season, and please limit yourself to one packet of each variety. Please make every effort to follow the correct seed saving instructions to assure the seeds you bring back to share at the end of the season will grow true to type.

To share seeds, first remove the seeds from their pods and clean according to the directions in the link “Harvesting & Storing Seeds”. Bring your clean, dry seeds to the library in an envelope, bag, or jar. Please use recycled containers if possible. Fill out a seed sharing form (available at the library and on the website) for each variety of seed you are sharing and tape or staple it to the container. Place your container and form in the seed drop-off box. The seeds will be packaged, labeled, and filed in the Seed Sharing Library by a staff member or volunteer.

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LTPL Grows

LTPL Grows is an initiative that began with our Seed Sharing Library in 2013 and was followed by our Demonstration Garden in 2014. We have programs all year round that include all aspects of gardening, preserving, foraging, herbs, permaculture, beekeeping and indoor growing