What Can We Help You Find?

LTPL offers a varied selection of physical, audio and digital books for our library members to choose from. Our collection is organized by format, age group, fiction or nonfiction, and nonfiction is ordered by the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Some books may be marked by a special genre sticker, indicating whether it is Science Fiction, Holiday-themed, a NLA Community Read, etc… 

  • We encourage our library members to share purchase suggestions but will review all suggestions to ensure the material fits within our collection development policy. 
  • LTPL strives to provide as many popular, diverse and special interest books as we are able to fit in our building, but is not able to purchase everything. We are very fortunate that the Library Network and Michigan eLibrary are available for our library members to request and borrow books and other library items from other libraries in the State of Michigan. 
    1. The Library Network is a group of Metro Detroit Libraries that participate in a shared catalog system and reciprocal borrowing. More information can be found here.
    2. The Michigan eLibrary is a Statewide service conducted by the Library of Michigan through an Institute of Library and Museum Services grant that ensures Michigan Residents have free access to helpful online research resources and physical library items throughout the State. The Library of Michigan also works with the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS) to provide these services.
  • Library members who have a vision or physical impairment have the opportunity to get Talking Books from the Oakland County Talking Books Service (OTBS). A wonderful resource, OTBS offers braille titles, audio books and magazines to Oakland County residents with visual or physical disabilities that may be unable to use standard printed materials. Furthermore, OTBS offers large print books, magnifiers and descriptive movies. All of the above materials are conveniently sent and returned through standard mail delivery.
    1. Contact information:
      • 800-774-4542 (toll free)
      • Oakland Talking Book Service @ RHPL
      • 500 Olde Towne Rd,
      • Rochester, MI 48307-2043
      • Local phone: 248-650-7150
      • http://otbs.rhpl.org/