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What Can We Help You Find?

LTPL Discovery Kits are designed to teach important and fundamental Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math skills, and engage children with interactive components for self-paced learning.  Children can develop innovation, imagination, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills by completing fun, hands-on- educational experiments and projects.

Kits are intended to be used under adult supervision, and can be checked out by LTPL cardholders for 1 week (7 days) with no renewals.  Charges will be applied if any part of the kit is missing or damaged.  Replacement costs range from $14.00 to $134.00 and are listed on each of the kits informational/content sheets.  Please check to ensure that all pieces are present before returning kits to the library.

Discovery Kits MUST be returned inside the library to avoid damage.  DO NOT return kits in the drop box or to any library other than LTPL.

Basketball STEM Challenge

This hand-on challenge kit included challenge cards to prompt kids as they plan, create, and test a toy basketball court. Children build the court complete with a shooting arm to launch the tethered basketball into the hoop exploring gravity, force and motion as they go.

Billy Goats Bridge Building

Engineer a happy fairy tale ending as you construct a bridge that keeps three goats safe from the troll. Develop skills in using the design process; exploring cause and effect; and experimenting with size, weight and balance as you are naturally inspired to explore a challenging situation until you find a solution.

Can Do Science – Sink or Float

Discover motion with tons of materials for hands-on exploration! Photo activity cards make it a cinch for kids to conduct experiments on their own-with no reading required.

Can Do Science – Magnets

Learn how magnets attract and repel as you “magically” move objects across a table, make magnets float in midair and more! Photo activity cards with simple visual instructions let kids conduct hands-on exploration and experiments on their own.


Can Do Science – Motion

Discover motion with tons of materials for hands-on exploration! Photo activity cards make it a cinch for kids to conduct experiments on their own-with no reading required.


Can Do Science – Sound

Discover sound with tons of materials for hands-on exploration. Photo activity cards make it a cinch for kids to conduct experiments on their own with no reading required.


Code & Go Robot Mouse

Children design a maze, then program a sequence of movements into the mouse which, when it runs, will result in it getting to the cheese with the goal of doing it in the fewest possible steps. Helps young children develop skills in problem solving, self-correcting errors, critical and analytical thinking, if-then logic, and distance and spatial concepts. Introduces basic coding and programming concepts in a fun way.

Introduce coding concepts with Colby, the programmable mouse. Use analytical thinking, problem solving skills, and step-by-step programming to get the mouse to the cheese. Colorful buttons match coding cards for easy programming and sequencing with no reading required.


Eco Battery Vehicles

Build and experiment with an environmentally friendly “fuel cell” to learn about electrochemical cells and battery electric vehicles. Metal-air electrochemical cells generates electricity using only magnesium plates, salt water, and the oxygen in the air. Build 22 different models and experiment with different concentrations of salt to see how long your battery can run, while learning about electrochemistry and battery technology.

Foam Peg Blocks

Foam Peg Blocks

Soft Foam blocks with pegs allow children to stack and create connected structures that hold together. They provide a great way to develop and-eye coordinations with fine motor skills while exploring their creativity.


Force & Motion Lab

Develop a concrete understanding of gravity, energy, friction and more as you experiment with forces & learn how they affect motion. Follow simple instructions to complete hands-on experiments–from creating pendulums and experimenting with friction to measuring pull forces and building inclined planes.


Makedo Cardboard Construction

Learn by doing; creating, experimenting, failing, thinking, and redesigning. Makedo is designed to make cardboard construction easy for everyone. Make anything imaginable of any size from a flower to a fort, a mask to a maze. Makedo creations set the stage for immersive, creative and open-ended play. Cardboard not included.

Magna Gyroscope

Magna Gyroscope

Budding scientists can learn all about the properties of magnetism and gyroscopic inertia by performing magnetic experiments that spin, lift, and levitate. Note: This kit can be very challenging – it took librarians quite a while to get results.

Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles

Adult sensory kits are bags filled with stimulating, hands-on sensory objects that patrons can check out. Each kit contains items that stimulate or soothe different senses.


Magnetism Lab

Explore magnetism with easy-to-follow experiment cards with skill-building investigations on front and scientific information on back. Develop skills in identifying properties of magnets, using a compass, and recognizing that magnets have poles that repel and attract each other.

Makey Makey

Makey Makey

“Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. You can use it to turn everyday objects into keys for your computer.”

Turn the whole world into a keyboard with this simple invention for art, engineering, and everything in between. Alligator Clip objects to the Makey Makey, then when you touch the object, the computer just thinks a keyboard key is being pressed, so you can type a letter, jump in a video game, take a picture, or play some music. Make a banana piano, play Mario on a play dough game pad, and build simple circuits, or distance rate and time switches.



Young engineers can build objects from the real world with this updated erector set. Instruction sheets are included to get you started. Promotes reasoning skills, allowing children to begin making more complex assemblies as they develop creativity.

Microscope and Slides

Microscope & Slides

Take a closer look at everyday items with this microscope and set of more than 50 slides. NOTE: Please be sure to keep the lower mirror/lamp pointed down when not in use, otherwise the batteries will go dead.



Kids get hands-on patterning practice with a step-by-step instruction chart that kids can easily follow on their own – no reading required.


Planetarium Projector

Bring the nighttime sky into your room with a rotating star pattern of the northern sky or choose from 24 images of planets, nebulae, moons, space craft and other celestial bodies.

Playground Engineering

Playground Engineering

Budding engineers can use their imaginations and creativity to build their own playgrounds while sharpening problem solving, critical thinking, and sequential spatial relationship skills. Designed with tactile learners in mind, this hands-on set will teach kids to ask, imagine, plan, build, and improve.


Snap Circuits Arcade

Have fun learning all about electronics while building over 300 exciting projects with easy-to-identify color-coded parts.


Snap Circuits Extreme

Have fun learning all about electronics and circuits while building one of 600+ exciting projects with easy-to-identify color-coded parts.


Squishy Human Body & Brain

Explore and assemble a 3D puzzle like no other with soft, squishy organs and removable bones. Learn how organs and parts of the brain fit together as you explore the human body. Information cards let you follow a bite of pizza as it travels through the body and interacts with different internal systems and an illustrated book teaches about how your brain works.


Turing Tumble

Turing Tumble is a revolutionary new game where players build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Turing Tumble offers students the opportunity to peek under the hood of computers and discover how they work. It is hands-on, fun, easy to learn and the logic is all right there in front of them. It works great in math stations, unit studies, for learning engineering concepts, introducing computer science principles, or for free choice time.

Build a mechanical computer powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles. Have a blast learning to code in a language without words. Turing Tumble blurs the line between coding and building machinery. Learn coding strategy, binary operations, and logic gates in a fun, tangible way.