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Lyon Township Public Library will provide LTPL card holders with the ability to checkout T-Mobile hotspots for use at home or when traveling. Click here to check out a hotspot!

Residents who choose to checkout LTPL mobile hotspots:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a valid LTPL card that is not blocked
  • Hotspot policy:
    • 2 week checkout
    • No renewals
    • 1 hotspot may be checked out per household at one time
    • Hotspots only work in the Continental U.S., Canada & Mexico
    • 10 devices can be connected at one time to the hotspot
    • If the hotspot is lost or damaged, the data plan will be deactivated for the device and the patron will be charged the replacement cost. Charge for lost or damaged items:  $90 for entire kit, $13 for case, $5 for cable/charger
    • If not returned by the due date, the data plan will be cancelled for the device, and it will no longer function.
    • If hotspots are repeatedly returned late, returned significantly later than the due date, or returned in the dropbox, a suspension of 6 months may occur for borrowing hotspots