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July 9, 11:00 am

Join DNR educator Alan Wernette from the shores of Lake Michigan at Ludington State Park to learn about the Great Lakes, the largest freshwater ecosystem in the world. The Great Lakes contain over 20% of all the world’s surface fresh water and provide drinking water, recreation, transportation, wildlife habitat and economic benefits. We will learn about the geologic forces that formed the Great Lakes and the unique features of this large freshwater ecosystem; how weather and water cycles impact the lakes and the region; the basic food web in the Great Lakes ecosystem and the impacts of invasive species on plants, animals and people; as well as how citizens can take positive conservation actions to help the Great Lakes. 

Open to all ages, but most likely to be of interest to elementary-aged children, teens and adults. Registrants will receive an email reminder the day prior to the program along with a zoom link. 

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