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We can’t wait to help your family discover all that a Library Card can give you!

Even if you or your children already have a library card at a local library, please fill out the following form anyway. We will renew your card(s) so they will be good until November 2023 (SSLDL) or November 2025 (LTPL). If you pay taxes in another community and are eligible for a library card there, we will let you know.

This will also qualify your 5th grader for a LIBRARY SWAG BAG of fun stuff, regardless of whether they are expressing interest in getting a new card or renewing an existing card. They will also get an invitation to a pizza party at LTPL!

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Please click the button below to find out where your home library is before completing the library card application.

Thank you for your interest in getting a library card for yourself and your 5 th graders! As soon as your cards and swag bags are ready, we will send you an email. Swag bags will also contain an invitation to the 5 th Grade
Pizza Party!