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The 1st meeting of the Library – Park Planning Subcommittee, composed of Lyon Township and LTPL trustees and staff, had their first planning meeting on April 6. This dedicated group is enthusiastically working towards a combined project that will be of use to all Lyon Township residents. Future presentations of this subcommittee at either the  Township or LTPL board of trustee meetings will be posted here. 

We are excited to announce that the presentation to the Lyon Township Board on March 7 was met with positive feedback from the Township Board and township residents in attendance!

As a result, it was agreed upon by the Township Board that the potential for a joint township library and park facility on the 11 Mile and Milford Road site was the best option of the three presented. A motion was approved to dedicate a portion of the township-owned 11 Mile and Milford Road site toward building a new library, understanding that further exploration of the site will be conducted, and subject to the passage of a millage approving the construction of a new library.

The Library and Township Boards are planning on working together to realize a multi-use municipal project that includes both a new library facility and a township park.

Watch the recording of the March 7, 2022 Lyon Township Board Meeting discussing the
New Library Project
Watch the recording of the February 21, 2022 New Library Site Study presentation

Click here to view the complete site study presentation.

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