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New Library Telephone System

We have recently installed a new telephone system at the library, and staff extensions have now changed.  Please use the following extensions to reach the correct party:

  • Circulation Desk                                          612
  • Library Director, Holly Teasdle                    610
  • Youth & Teen Services, Mary Kelly             615
  • Technical Assistance, Marjorie O'Donnel    614
  • Genealogy Services, Cathy Cottone           616
  • Marketing, Michelle Fields                           618
  • Technical Services, Pam Quackenbush       617

Plans for Proposed New Lyon Township Library

Community Meeting
Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 pm
Meet the architects who put together the proposal for a new library, learn the facts and get all of your questions answered.

It is an exciting time to plan for a new library that can meet the needs of our growing community. Our vision for a new library in Lyon Township includes a focus on education and community collaboration. We want the Lyon Township Public Library to be an active center for learning and engagement for residents of all ages, and to build a library that offers the books, resources, technology and flexible space that serves the needs of our changing community in an ever changing world.

On August 2, 2016 the Lyon Township Community will have the chance to vote on a bond to build a new library and an operating millage to run it. We want to create a library that can serve the needs of our community's children as a place for homework help and research. This library will become a space where all ages can explore the printed word in books and magazines, attend an educational or enlightening workshop or performance, find a quiet place to study and read, and meet and engage with members of our community. The library will also be a center for continuing education, a spot for specialized family research and genealogy, and provide the technology and technology support that our residents want. The library will be a warm, welcoming place that will aesthetically match the beautiful surroundings of our community and will be staffed with educated, trained and enthusiastic staff.

The new Lyon Township Public Library will have a pairing of community input and staff expertise to create a library that suits the needs of Lyon Township. A library is an integral part of any community, providing resources to all of its residents.

What will we have in the new library?

  • Expanded hours and services
  • Children's area: expanded area to include children's technology, play area, reading area, increase in collection size, age appropriate furniture and program space
  • Adult area: vastly increased collection with enhanced reading areas and collaborative work spaces  
  • Teen area: creation of a teen space with an expanded collection, reading area and technology
  • Genealogy area: a separate Genealogy and Local history section with more computers, additional databases, increase in collection size, temperature control of historical materials and multiple microfilm reader/printer/scanners
  • More technology resources, including tablets, computers, stronger Wi-Fi, and 3-D printing
  • Friends of the Library Book Store
  • Drive up drop box for returning library materials
  • Increased parking & security
  • Family bathrooms
  • Vending area for coffee and snacks
  • More private study rooms and meeting rooms of various sizes to accommodate different size groups
  • More downloadable books, magazines and streaming media
  • Display space for exhibits and community art
  • Expanded community garden
  • More programs for all ages, from infants to seniors, including gaming, DIY crafts, performances, workshops and lectures, STEM/STEAM for children and teens, genealogy and local history, technology training
  • Outdoor program and seating areas, bike racks

New library location & cost

The new library will be north of 12 mile on the west side of Milford road, situated in front of Abbey Park. The property is Lyon Township owned land, and will be donated by the Township to the library. The Library Board is grateful that we do not have to purchase land for the construction of the new library. The estimated value of this 7 acre site is $750,000.

The new library will be 24,000 square feet. The industry standard is 1 square foot per resident. Our current library is 3,500 square feet and woefully underserves the current community. In neighboring communities of comparable size this is evident:  Milford, with 16,300 residents has a 23,500 square foot library; Wixom, with a population of 15,500 has a 14,300 square foot library, and Salem-South Lyon District Library serves 17,900 residents and has a 19,201 square foot library. We want to build a library that will serve our community’s current needs, as well as 10-20 years into the future. The cost to build the new facility will be $8.5 million, and the proposed bond will be .5535 over 30 years.

Operating budget

The proposed operating budget to run the new library on Milford road is 1.585 – approximately an additional 1 mil in comparison to the current operating millage of .53. The new operating millage will generate $1,271,350 to provide all of the services listed above. For comparison, the peer libraries discussed above: Milford, Wixom and Salem-South Lyon libraries have operating millages of $1,032,900, $840,739 and $1,275,850, respectively. This comparable data is helpful in understanding the what size library is required to serve our community and how much money is necessary to provide the services that our community wants and deserves.

Library service

Here at Lyon Township Public Library our motto for years has been “more than you expect” – meaning, we manage to provide more services, programs and resources than most people expect in our little library. We have been very proud of the service we provide, and feel that now is the time to take our service to the next level. We regret having to constantly say ‘no’ to our patrons – no, we don’t have that book; no, we don’t have that database, no, we don’t do <insert service> here – either because we don’t have the budget, the staff or the space. We want to be able to say yes – we want to provide the books, the materials and the space that our residents want and need.

We encourage all residents to visit our website to learn more details about the Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study that was conducted by Quinn Evans Associates that helped us to create this future plan, the three Community Meetings we hosted in the study process, and the details of our upcoming millage and ballot questions.

The Library Board will be hosting two Town Hall informational meetings on June 29 and July 21 at 6:30 pm. We encourage all residents to attend those meetings to have any questions answered.

Click here for more information about the proposed new library!

We are now offering SCOLA!


We are happy to announce a new partnership with SCOLA, a nonprofit educational organization that receives and re-transmits foreign TV programming from around the world and provides other foreign language resources, language lessons and learning materials.   SCOLA is a valuable source for language learning and cultural studies.  Click here to learn more about SCOLA.

You can access SCOLA on our library computers, or on your Android or iOS device by dowloading the SCOLA app and logging into the LTPL account.  For information on downloading the SCOLA app, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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